recevoir log de connexion mikrotik sur telegram

Log de connexion Mikrotik sur telegram

Créer un scheduler avec nom LogMonitor et 00:00:05 comme interval.
Remplacer : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX par votre API Token
Remplacer : YYYYYYYYYYY par votre Chat ID
Script de notification dans le scheduler
# Inspirer de
#Personnaliser par Alex - MNA
:local myserver ([/system identity get name])
:local scheduleName "LogMonitor"
:local chatID "YYYYYYYYYYY"
:local startBuf [:toarray [/log find message~"via ssh" ||  message~"via winbox" ||  message~"via ftp" ||  message~"via api" ||  message~"via web" ||  message~"via telnet"]]
:local removeThese {"remove keyword"}


# warn if schedule does not exist
:if ([:len [/system scheduler find name="$scheduleName"]] = 0) do={
  /log warning "[LogMonitor] Alert : Schedule does not exist. Creating schedule ...."

 /system scheduler add name=$scheduleName interval=60s start-date=Jul/05/2019 start-time=startup on-event=LogMonitor

  /log warning "[LogMonitor] Alert : Schedule created ."

# get last time
:local lastTime [/system scheduler get [find name="$scheduleName"] comment]
# for checking time of each log entry
:local currentTime
# log message
:local message
# final output
:local output

:local keepOutput false
# if lastTime is empty, set keepOutput to true
:if ([:len $lastTime] = 0) do={
  :set keepOutput true

:local counter 0
# loop through all log entries that have been found
:foreach i in=$startBuf do={
# loop through all removeThese array items
  :local keepLog true
  :foreach j in=$removeThese do={
#   if this log entry contains any of them, it will be ignored
    :if ([/log get $i message] ~ "$j") do={
      :set keepLog false
  :if ($keepLog = true) do={
   :set message [/log get $i message]

#   depending on log date/time, the format may be different. 3 known formats
#   format of jan/01/2002 00:00:00 which shows up at unknown date/time. Using as default
    :set currentTime [ /log get $i time ]
#   format of 00:00:00 which shows up on current day's logs
   :if ([:len $currentTime] = 8 ) do={
     :set currentTime ([:pick [/system clock get date] 0 11]." ".$currentTime)
    } else={
#     format of jan/01 00:00:00 which shows up on previous day's logs
     :if ([:len $currentTime] = 15 ) do={
        :set currentTime ([:pick $currentTime 0 6]."/".[:pick [/system clock get date] 7 11]." ".[:pick $currentTime 7 15])
#   if keepOutput is true, add this log entry to output
   :if ($keepOutput = true) do={
     :set output ($output.$currentTime." %0A%0A ".$message."\r\n")

    :if ($currentTime = $lastTime) do={
     :set keepOutput true
     :set output ""
  :if ($counter = ([:len $startBuf]-1)) do={
   :if ($keepOutput = false) do={    
     :if ([:len $message] > 0) do={
        :set output ($output.$currentTimer." ".$message."\r\n")
  :set counter ($counter + 1)

if ([:len $output] > 0) do={
  /system scheduler set [find name="$scheduleName"] comment=$currentTime
  /tool fetch url="$botID/sendmessage?chat_id=$chatID&text=\F0\9F\93\AE log de connexion%0A==================%0A$currentTime %0A==================%0A$message" keep-result=no;
Notification de connexion mikrotik sur telegram

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